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Healthy and Energy Efficient

Building Science is a multidisciplinary field that encompasses the study of the physical principles and
processes involved in the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of buildings. It integrates
knowledge from various scientific and engineering disciplines to create structures that are energy-
efficient, environmentally sustainable, durable, and comfortable for occupants.

- Thermal Performance
- Moisture Management
- Air Quality
- Structural Integrity
- Energy Efficiency

Additional Benefits

Rosemary Lane homeowners pay the standard mill levy property tax, and the City of Durango performs all the street and utility maintenance including snowplowing.

- No metro district fees or high HOA dues

- No transfer fees

- Major tax credits

  • Property tax savings – estimated tax savings over $5,000 per year compared to Twin Buttes.

  • Low HOA dues – the estimated annual dues are estimated to be less than $500. At other communities, the HOA has a much more expansive role and maintenance responsibilities, and annual dues can exceed $1500 per year.

  • Tax rebates – Homeowners can claim a tax rebate equal to 30% of the total installation cost of the photovoltaic system and connected energy storage systems such as Tesla Powerwall. This could be a $10,000+ tax credit, and it rolls over if not used in the first year. To learn more about the numerous incentives for energy efficiency, check out Rewiring
    America’s website.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU's)

Each home at Rosemary Lane has a flexible ground floor space that will be finished as an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) with a private, separate entrance. ADUs offer incredible flexibility and financial security for homeowners. The ADU can be used as a home office, family room, bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, or as a separate living unit that can be rented out.

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A home that is working for you and your future.

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Let’s Work Together

Development of Interest

Thank you for considering Sutter Homes Company for your homebuilding needs. We are excited to work with you and answer any questions you may have. Someone will be in contact.

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